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Friendship, and the bonds of brotherhood are everlasting. Whether they’re conquering the everyday life of being a teenager in a not so distant future, or fighting for the greater good in the realm of video games, the Knights of 17th Street prove time and time again that friendships are what keep us grounded. When the ordinary becomes the extraordinary, the Knights prove that chivalry isn’t dead, and if you’ve got your friends beside you, nothing is out of reach.

What others are saying about the Knights of 17th Street:

The Knights of 17th Street had me hooked from page one. It’s a great mix of sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, and the bond between good friends. As a librarian, and an avid lover of YA fiction, I think Ribble’s first foray into the genre shows promise, and I hope to see more from the Knights. 
—Lucas L. – school librarian

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